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team_fatty's Journal

Team Fatty!
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Team Fatty is a lighthearted but serious group of people who are losing weight. To be a member of Team Fatty you must post your stats regularly, including:

Start weight in pounds
Start date

Current weight in pounds
Weight lost to date

Goal weight

Optional stats include things like pant sizes. The goal is to remove the stigma attached to talking about weight related issues. We are fatties and we don't mind saying so.

The methods used to achieve your goals can vary, according to whatever works. Many of us already here are following Weight Watchers, which is a somewhat structured way to count calories and fat grams and fiber in the form of points. Some others are just monitoring what they eat and exercising more. Some might low carb. Methods vary but it is results we care about.

A healthy weight loss is about 1-2 lbs. per week. A healthy caloric intake is between 1500-1800 calories a day. We are trying to do this right instead of quickly.

Team Fatty is void where prohibited. Team fatty is not recommended for those with less than 20 pounds to lose. Other groups exist for general health issues and physical fitness - this is for weight loss.

Please note: Anything or anyone even slightly ana will be banned from team_fatty at the discretion of the moderators. This is not negotiable and no appeal shall be made. Eating disorders are very dangerous and "pro-ana" people should seek mental help from qualified professionals.